Working with Inner Journeys

Inner journeys are not new. Storytelling has been at the heart of all ages, cultures and religions. Our life patterns, our belief systems and perspectives are held within those stories. From the smallest of children through all generations, all have the ability to listen and allow their imagination to be fed. An inner journey allows us to engage with our own imagination so that we may gain awareness through images, feelings and the scenes created within of a deeper sense of ourselves. Inner journeys allow us to discover things about ourselves from a distance: things we had forgotten, gifts we had relinquished. Through them we may revisit old injuries. Here we may find healing or learn how to resolve a difficulty in our life and to fully meet our self.

This workshop introduces the participant gently to inner journeys and enables them to explore and find their own meaning and wisdom within. The environment is one of safety and respect with opportunities to work alone or with a partner as well as in the whole group.

If you would like more information or you would like to discuss my presenting this workshop for your group, please contact me.