Configurations of Self

While the term ‘configuration’ may be new, the phenomenon it describes is not. Writers from a wide array of therapeutic approaches have theorised on different parts of the self or of the personality. We have all had the experience of being divided, of being in two minds about something. We have all experienced ourselves thinking, feeling and behaving in ways that surprise us, please us, shock us and that can seem out of character, and yet somehow very familiar.

This workshop offers participants opportunities to get in touch with and experience parts of themselves, to explore where these parts come from, the roles they play, how they relate together and over all to embrace and integrate all that we are.

Again the environment is all. Participants are held with respect and encouraged to be involved in a way that is comfortable for them, that they might gain all that they want to from the day.

If you would like more information or you would like to discuss my presenting this workshop for your group, please contact me.